Sunflower Sysadmin Toolkit Live CD


Sunflower Sysadmin Toolkit Live CD is a Linux rescue system with a large number of system utilities. This Live CD also contains FreeDOS operating system. System administrators and power users can use this Live CD to repair server/workstation system issues, upgrade system firmwares, rescue disks data, benchmark/examine system performance and so on.

I created this Live CD based on Fedora x86_64 arch distribution.

Software List

You can find the latest software list in SST Linux here.

SST Linux Base OS Version List

PRE-ALPHA 0.0.1: Fedora 12
PRE-ALPHA 0.0.2: Fedora 12
PRE-ALPHA 0.0.3: Fedora 12
PRE-ALPHA 0.0.4: Fedora 12
PRE-ALPHA 0.0.5: Fedora 12
ALPHA 0.0.6: Fedora 14 [2011-02-25]
ALPHA 0.0.7: Fedora 14 [2011-04-11]


This project is still under ALPHA phase.

The latest version is 0.0.7 now. You can download the ISO image from this link.


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Mailing List

Bug Tracking System

Feature Request Tracking System


Gene Cumm (gene DOT cumm AT gmail DOT com)
---> Huge help on FreeDOS image creation.

Jasper Hartline (Jasper DOT Hartline AT gmail DOT com)
---> Huge help on Live CD scratch.

Harald Hoyer (harald AT redhat DOT com)
---> Huge help on dracut and booting stuff.

Woo Kyo (wookyo AT gmail DOT com)
---> Artworks creation.


I'm a system administrator working at a computer software company. Precisely my daily job is to make servers/workstations run properly in the labs. So when any part of system has an issue I must resolve it as soon as possible. At this moment I have to collect necessary tools and utilities for troubleshooting. I reliazed that it would cost much time when I collected tools. So that's why I got an idea to create a Live CD environment to help sysadmins get rid of that situation. Just one Live CD can cover most jobs.

The reason why I did not use LFS or Fedora's livecd-tools to build a Live CD is I need a way to develop this project rapidly but can still reserve flexible custom modes.

I need your feedback! If you have any good idea or find bugs please contact me without any hesitate.

EMail Address: herdingcat DOT lee AT gmail DOT com
You can call me Eric Li.